Are you looking for your next surf experience with an exciting surf trip? Rebel Surfcamps is the right place. We are a Surf Traveling Guide with years of experience in guiding surfers and travelers who are interested in discovering new surfing experiences around the world in fun and unconventional ways. Check out our surfing destinations and our Rebel Surfcamps. Look at our pictures and feel free to get in touch with any questions.


Rebel Surfcamps offers group surf trips. From beginner to advanced surfer level you can enjoy your holidays at a surf camp. Everyone can enjoy a surf trip as surfing is a sport for all levels, ages and health conditions. Rebel Surfcamps arrange group surf trips in Morocco, Costa Rica & Sri Lanka. We also offer Surf Retreats.

Surfing destinations

Rebel Surfcamps offers a variety of surfing experiences, all promising! Where would you like to surf? From Okinawa to El Salvador we offer a range of surf camps, surf schools, and surf houses worldwide. Take a look at the surf experiences we offer below, and get in touch if you would like to learn how you can book a surf trip today.

About Rebel Surfcamps


Rebel Surfcamps connects surfers and travelers with surf camps, surf houses, surf schools and great surfing experiences around the world. Find your next wave adventure with us!

We help you to plan your perfect surf trip. Not just any vacation, but truly exceptional trips filled with inspiring and enriching surfing experiences. We believe in enjoying the best surfing spots in the most unique way possible, and we want to share our knowledge and passion for surf and travel with all of those whom we guide. Explore our site to find out more.

Group surf trips Rebel Surfcamps

Rebel Surfcamps offers group surf trips all year round. A surf camp or surf house is an accommodation dedicated to surfers or to those who want to enjoy their holidays in a pure surf vibe and learn to surf. Surf camps, surf houses, and surf schools have professional surf instructors and coaches who help you how to surf and guide you across the best local surf spots. They also have surfing equipment such as surfboards, soft boards, and wetsuits. We have different dates available!

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