The Maldives are a unique group of 1,200 coral islands based around 26 atolls. Typically the reefs passes are deeper than in Indonesia and the South Pacific with classic set-ups abounding. Swells traveling south-west across to Indonesia bestow part of their energy on this chain before continuing their journey. Separated into the North Atolls and South Atolls (the south has the most spots) the region boasts year-round swell with high period being March to April. Two monsoon seasons, the north-east monsoon from December to April and the southwest monsoon, from May to October breaks up the surfing season shifting the focus from north to south accordingly. Predominantly reef-passes, waves like Sultans and Tiger Stripes have developed deserved reputations for epic barrels and raw Indian Ocean power. Modern surfing was introduced to the Maldives in the late in 1973 by Tony Hinde. Sea temperatures remain steady at about 27ºC or 81ºF.

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Welcome to the Maldives, the dream destination for divers, surfers, underwater photographers, honeymooners and for you. Crystal clear water, shiny turquoise, a unique underwater world, white sand, palm trees, and hospitable people – this is what you’ll find here with us.

We‘re a family – run, budget-friendly guesthouse on Huraa – island. The island is one of the 220 inhabited islands. Here you can experience the real Maldives, get in touch with the very kind local people who are fond of children, test local dishes and meet travelers from all over the world.

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