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Rebel Surfcamps offers a variety of surfing experiences, all promising! Where would you like to surf? From Okinawa to El Salvador we offer a range of surf camps, surf schools, and surf houses worldwide. Take a look at the surf experiences we offer below, and get in touch if you would like to learn how you can book a surf trip today.

Check our destinations and find your next surfing holidays. All our surf camps, surf schools, and surf houses offer surf lessons with experienced surf instructors and high-quality surfing equipment.

AFRICA. Did you ever dream about Africa? Africa offers plenty of surfing destinations around its coastline with 360 days of sun and warm weather. From Madagascar to Morocco, discover together with Rebel Surfcamps Angola, Cape Verde, Senegal, Ghana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, Morocco and Madagascar and all the beauty of each of these countries.

EUROPE. There are still so many surfing destinations to discover in Europe. Europe is the oldest continent in the world and is well known for its city trips, but did you know you can surf in almost each Western European country? United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal... but even more than these ones. Check it out!

AMERICAS. Where to start when discovering the Americas? America, the new continent. The place where surfing was born and we all dream about. From Canada to Chile, Rebel Surfcamps can take you to exciting and exotic surf trips where to catch beautiful waves! Hawaii, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua... What are you waiting?

ASIA. Which surfer around the world didn’t dream of surfing in Asia? Especially in the South of Asia, you can find surfers paradises in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Where shall you start your next surfing adventure? The swell, the beaches, the weather, and the people are waiting for you!

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Indonesia is the surfers' paradise. The Indian ocean best swell comes between April and October with an average water temperature of 28 degrees. From Java to Sumatra, Indonesia offers unlimited surf spots to make your dreams come true!

South West Surf House France

France offers all year round swell being the South West coastline the most consistent swell along its Atlantic coastline. Surfing spots like Hossegor, Biarritz, Bidart, Capbreton, Guethary, Lacanau and Le Truc Vert are waiting for you to ride their waves!

Surfing Spain

With almost 6000 km of coastline, you can find beautiful surf spots from the North to the South of Spain. The Atlantic swell reaches the North and West coast of Spain where the waves and surfing conditions are more stable all year. The Canary Islands offer also high-quality waves in all their islands. 

Surfing Morocco

Morocco is a dreamy surfing destination along the Atlantic coastline. Surprising, exotic, exciting and relaxed. Morocco is full of right point breaks like Anchor point, Boilers, La Source, Killers, Tamri, Banana and Panorama among others. Check our recommended surfing partners in sunny Morocco!

Surfing in Costa Rica

Costa Rican beaches have constant surf all year round with warm water. Surrounded by the Pacific and the Caribbean, you will have an endless list of surf spots where to catch waves and enjoy the Pura Vida of Costa Rica. Santa Teresa, Manzanillo, Tamarindo, Hermosa...did you ever dream about surfing without your wetsuit? In Costa Rica is possible!

New Tours Colombia

Colombia is a surprising country developing a strong surfing culture during last years. Both in the Pacific and in the Caribbean you can surf amazing surfing spots. Besides the Amazon jungle and tasty coffee, there are great waves out there waiting for you in this South-American country.

You can surf all year on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, either on its western side or in Arugam Bay depending on the season. There are two surfing seasons in Sri Lanka depending on which part of the island you travel. On the East Arugam Bay and Okanda. Facing the West Mirissa and Weligama.  Do you wanna know more?

Surfing Portugal

Portugal is blessed by the Atlantic swell along its 900 km of coastline. Amazing nature made Portugal full of point breaks, reefs, beach breaks making Portugal a perfect destination for your surf trip. Peniche, Ericeira, Lisbon, Nazaré, Arrifana...Jump on your surfboard and enjoy surfing in Portugal!


Guatemala is located in Central America. Guatemala offers uncrowded surfing spots along its 250 km Pacific coast. A volcanic country with mostly black-sand beach breaks (Iztapa, Puerto San José...) It's ideal for surfers who are progressing in their surfing and want to surf in spots with no rocks. You can leave your wetsuit at home, an average ocean temperature of 28 degrees! 

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